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A Guide to Guitars

The guitar is the most popular musical instrument and is loved because of the portability, flexibility, and polyphonic attributes. On this website, novice guitarists can find everything they need to know about guitars, from its history to the different types available and more.

What is a Guitar?

A guitar is a type of chordophone that is made from wood and strung with six nylon, steel, or gut strings.

The oldest guitar can be traced back to the Babylonian times from the famous 3,300-year-old stone carving that shows a Hittite bard playing a chordophone that has all the characteristics of a guitar.

While the old guitars took different shapes and designs, the modern guitar owes its creation to Antonio Torres, a 19th-century luthier.

Classical vs Acoustic vs Electric Guitars

Today, guitars can be classified into three main types; classical, electric, and acoustic guitars.

Classical guitars are very similar to acoustic guitars, but they use nylon strings while acoustic guitars use steel strings. On the other hand, electric guitars require external amplification. The above are the primary distinctions that differentiate guitars, but of course, there are other structural differences. Besides the structure, these guitars are suitable for playing different types of music. 

Some of the most popular electric guitarists have gone on to great infamy. A few of them have even had online games created in honor of them including Jimi Hendrix, Gun N’ Roses, and Ozzy Osbourne. You can learn more about and even play these popular games here.

Guitar Accessories

Guitarists also need to know the different accessories used with guitars. The typical examples include capotastos, slides, plectrums, straps, and amplifiers and speakers.

Besides the history, types, and guitar accessories, there are lots of things that budding guitarists should be aware of, for example, the construction, tuning, and the different playing techniques.